Why choose Parkanon Lista?

Why choose Parkanon Lista?

Stocks build for demand


The mill holds large stocks and has expertise to optimise best possible raw material for each end use. In addition to domestic pine and birch  there is a number of imported timber species, all of which are certified or carry otherwise proof of origin. Most commonly oak, western red cedar, mahogany, beech and ash.









Steamed beech





Comprehensive production


We manufacture profiles according to unique designs. We master all stages of the production at the mill, from raw materials to ready to assemble finished product.


Mastering all stages of the process including manufacturing the cutter heads ourselves at the mill we add flexibility and vast possibilities to serve our customers broadly. Own toolmaking means we can  optimise settings to raw materials and produce the most complicated profiles in wood there might be.



Champion of surface treatment

Sprayable industrial garde liquids are used in versatile spraying lines. Today paints, tinted transparents, laqcuers, waxes and fire retardant liquids are often in use. Most commonly products are menat to indoor use but on request more durable liquids can be used if the requirement is such.


General colouring chart shades are possible. Also tailored treatments according to the specific requirements are possible, just send a sample and we’ll match it.

Safety and sustainability are our guidelines when choosing materials to our production. Safe and sustainable to our people, clients and environment – it is of major importance to us.  


Strengths in a nutshell:

  • Timber species to choose from
  • Comprehensive possibilities in profiles
  • Lengthwise glued sections
  • Versatile machinery
  • Manufacturing cutter heads at the mill
  • Fixed or cut-to-lengt specifications possible
  • Several options for surface treatment
  • Customized packaging and marking of products

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