Timber is more – better journey forward

We use solid timber in our production. It is a natural material that has sustainably been used in Finland for centuries. Sustainability is our guiding directive in our every day actions.


Naturally most of the timber we utilise in the products, we deliver, all that remains is recycled either to a new product at the mill or for other sustainable end uses. For example part of the shavings are burnt and many local residential buldings generate heat with it, and all of Parkanon premises are heated the same way.


We hardly ever use water in our process and we constantly seek more energy efficient options in processes and premises.


Responsibility in every day actions:

  • certified and responsibly procured raw materials
  • eco-friendly surface treatment liquids
  • recycling of residues
  • choosing who do we work with

Interaction and communication between our partners as well as inside our working society is a key factor in responsibility. Our values include equality, equity, employee satisfaction and involvement.


International standards like EUTR affects also Parkanon production

Only timber that meets EUTR criteria and are ceritified or carry valid proof of origin documentation for legality can be used at the mill. We have PEFC certificate for our production, certificate No is DNVFI-PEFC-COC-000035 and PEFC logo licence PEFC/02-31-164.


All raw materials are used carefully to minimise waste and residues are recycled for further appropriate use. Whether liguid, gas or solid waste it is resposnisbly recycled.


What does PEFC mean?

PEFC is an internationally recognised forest certification scheme. PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification systems) is an international forest certification system that promotes ecologically, socially and economically sustainable forestry all over the world. PEFC sets criteria throughout the whole supply chain.


Forests are among the most biodiverse and valuable terrestrial ecosystems on the planet. PEFC aims at maintaining forests and their biodiversity.


By buying PEFC-certified products we can together enhance sustainable forestry worldwide.



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Better future with timber

The special characteristics of wood make it environmentally friendly material.

  • By capturing and storing carbon, forests remove significant volumes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  • fully recyclable
  • energy-efficient processing

Trees are a renewable resource that can replenish themselves. Sustainable forest management ensures that enough young trees are planted when old ones are harvested. Finnish forests have been maintained sustainably for centuries. This way also future generations can enjoy the natural resource we have. In fact all through Nordic countries there is more forests growing than in many other geographical areas, even if it is utilised. In Finland about 174 000 000 seedlings are planted annually to replace harvested trees.


Enhancing health

We are also interested in other charcateristics of wood materials. Parkanon participated in Wood for Good (W4G VN/2884/2019) study carried out by Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE). The study was investigating physiological and psychological effects on people living in wood construction and wooden interior premises.


Wood as a material supporting better health:

  • Antibacterial material – better indoor climate
  • Anti-stress effect – lowers bloodpressure, heartbeat rate and stress hormones
  • Excellent acoustic attributes – more pleasant environment
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