Tradition in learning and knowledge – history of mouldings mill

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Solutions for every attraction and project

Parkanon mill produces wooden profiles for interior surfaces. Our speciality is project work carried out together with architects and designers to ensure to exceed the highest standards of interior designs. Finalized solutions end up in specified public premises, hotels, hospitals, schools and kindergartens. One special area are restauration works where we deliver exact replicas to various contyrolled constructions.


You can find our products in most common domestic use to exclusively unique solutions. Typically in places where different surfaces meet each other on floors, ceilings, doorways or individual wall or ceiling decorations otherwise. Similarly in public premises in restaurants, hotels, airports and open sea cruisers. Read more about the projects ›

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Internationally renown operator

About half of the production ends up in export countries. Most significant destinations are United Kingdom and Germany, whilst new markets include countries like Sweden and Canada for example.


Reliable and knowledgeable partner

Parkanon strengths are flexibility and vast production possibilities in wooden profiles. In its part own toolmaking with reliability in deliveries together with appropriate stocks and technical expertise enable us to find the most suitable solutions for your needs.


Emphasizing sustainability

We thrive to learn constantly more about wood and its uses. Sustainability guides us in procurement, processing and delivery solutions. Commitment in operating in the way that environment is protected can be seen in our every day actions and socially our actions are sustainable in all its forms. Recycling is emphasized in actions and all residue is taken care of in an appropriate manner. We continue developmeet work in all these areas. Read more about sustainable production ›


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