Tradition in learning and knowledge during decades


Specialised mouldings mill carries on the Parkano region woodworking tradition.The history extends all the way to year 1946 whne the company was founded and named Karmi Oy (”Frame ltd”)


In the Year 1966 Mr Kalle Ilonen became the sole shareholder and changed the direction slightly more towards mouldings rather than frames. 1972 a new mill was built alongside the main carriage way nowadays E3. That is the location where Parkanon Listatehdas Oy is situated today. Name was changed to ”Lista ja Karmi Oy” (Moulding and Frame Ltd) and towards the end of 1980s after frame work diminished it became simply Parkanon Lista Oy (”Parkanon mouldings Ltd”).


1980s was an era of strong growth. Premises were added too many times and new production’s included picture frame factory, sorting plant and kilning chambers. At that time the mill was the market leader in Finland and one of the biggest and most versatile in the whole of Scandinavia. 1,2 hectares of construction produced all kinds of profiles: furniture, picture frame, construction and decoratives both standard and customized. Hardwoods came in and also various claddings to ceilings and walls were produced. Late 1980s  Mr Ilonen sold the company to Rauma-Repola Corporation.


When Rauma-Repola was merged into United Papermills year 1990 Parkanon Lista became a subsidiary. Six years later another merger took place and the mill became  part of UPM-Kymmene Oyj. Untill that independently operated Parkanon Lista Oy was joined into the unity and Parkanon Lista oy seized to exist as a name of the company.


The mill operated as UPM Parkanon Jalostetehdas until 2010 when the era as part of the international forest compane came to en end.


New bold start


The apparent end of decades of mouldings production was a shock that wasn’t easy to accept. After thorough consderation Anne Talonen-Levula, Hilkka Ala-Kauhaluoma and Tommi Kujala decided combine their experience and knowledge and a suggestion was made to previous owners about acquiring Parkano mill back to private ownership.


Amongst the three there was a concern about people’s workplace and and the unique knowledge of mouldings specialized production. A desicion was made togther, and based on their long expereince there was trust how to make the mill work better. In the end that decision was clear and a belief was strong how to succeed.


New company was introduced with the name Parkanon Listatehdas Oy and operations were started 2010. Quickly after the mill was bought a new customer base was created and machinery and other necessary equipment was obtained. The corrageous decision was worth it and during the first decade a steady controlled growth resulted in triplicating the personnel. Today the mill employee consist of 40 professionals. In the ownership Anne Talonen-Levula takes care of purchasing and domestic sales, Hilkka Ala-Kauhaluoma of financial side and Tommi Kujala of exports and functions as MD.

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